Who we are


works with thirty years of experience in the field of Non-Destructive Testing - Radiation Protection - Training - Expertise and Testing, on artifacts of various kinds and types of material in the mechanical, steel, petrochemical, chemical, boiler, hydroelectric, energy, civil, cultural heritage, transport sectors , aeronautical, aerospace, railway, military.

Our company employs highly specialized, qualified and certified 2nd and 3rd level sec. UNI EN ISO 9712, ASNT, NAS 410 - EN 4179 standard.

Our service is carried out throughout the national territory, with the availability and ability to intervene also abroad.
We are in possession of the certification of our. quality system according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 issued by BUREAU VERITAS.
We have the certificate of approval No. 42 issued by CICPND in the RT - UT - PT - MT - VT methodologies, level 2 - 3, for the performance of Non-Destructive Tests referred to in point 3.1.3. of Annex I of Directive 97/23 / EC (PED), on pressure equipment belonging to categories III and IV.
Some of our daily application activities are listed below:

traditional and digitized radiographic controls / manual ultrasound, TOFD, PHASED ARRAY / thickness gauges / penetrating liquids / magnetic particles / induced currents / mechanical tests / metallography / thermography / video endoscopy / inspections / tests / protection from ionizing radiation / radiographic bunker design / radon gas monitoring / Detection of radioactive contamination on waste / Monitoring with thermal imaging camera for thermal insulation verification in both civil and industrial environments / Helium tightness tests with portable equipment.

Chemical analysis by means of a portable quantometer (PMI test - Positive Material Identification).
Technical training and training in the non-destructive testing, welding, radiation protection sectors.
Examination Center for Non-Destructive Tests of the BUREAU VERITAS headquarters of Terni, n ° TR-010 / PnD / BVI.
The radiation protection activities are carried out by our. 2nd Grade Qualified Expert Per. Ind. Mauro Agostini registered with n ° 1489.

With regard to the X-ray sector, we have the following authorizations:
- Nulla prefectural n ° 4378/2002 Fasc. 1044/2001 of 07.03.2002, issued by the prefecture of Terni, which enables us to use radiological equipment, sealed radioactive sources of Iridium 192 and Selenium 75 in all Italian provinces.
- Ministerial Decree n ° TT / 2543/04/0 of 11.03.2004, issued by the Ministry of Productive Activities for the road transport of radioactive sources.
- ADR licenses for all personnel, for the road transport of radioactive sources in class 7